Why Choose Us?

Custom CJ, YJ, TJ, JK, Jeep Specialist, GenRight certified installer, full friendly Jeep service at Matt Burkett's race shop in Fort Worth TX.

Matt Burkett has a lifelong passion for Jeeps that was inherited and encouraged by his grandfather.  He started driving Jeeps at the young age of 9 and continues today as he races an Ultra4 offroad vehicle that he built from the ground up.  Having been in the industry and on the trails for over 25 years, he understands how stock Jeeps work on the street and offroad.  He also knows aftermarket performance components and how they impact a vehicle; good and bad.  He has turned that passion into a career and with the knowledge and experience amassed over the years, he is truly an expert at building and customizing Jeeps. Matt has modified and built out all sorts of Jeeps; Street Jeeps, Family Jeeps, Adventure Jeeps, Rock Crawlers and Race Only Jeeps.  He can build a vehicle from scratch or consult with a client on their wish list and assist with making a decision to get the best built Jeep to meet their needs.